A few thoughts on media and storytelling tools

There are several tools that I had never heard about before reading the articles assigned for this week’s class, and that I believe can have important implications for the future of news and storytelling.

I believe that news has to have tools that enable to collaborate with social media – one the one hand, social media can benefit from the higher quality of content news provide; and on the other hand, news can benefit from the bottom-up information sharing that is vivid on social media. In particular, when it comes to the sharing of stories, tools such as Shorthand Social, StoryMap.js, or Storyful multisearch could be very interesting and fruitful.

I also believe that data visualization has an important role to play – we live in a world with a huge number of data, and many people are not aware of the figures, or do not know how to read them. Data provide a lot of information, but the information has to be processed. That’s why I believe that tools such as Silk.co, DataPortals.org

Finally, I believe that tools using current tools and trying to analyze them, such as advanced twitter search, and Tweetdeck might be particulary interesting in the months and years to come.