Stephen’s Curated Story: Mission Bay Fire (#sffire)

Yesterday evening, a fire broke out in an apartment building under construction in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood, near AT&T park. The fire eventually escalated to a 6-alarm rating, and nearly half of the city’s firefighters were eventually called in to battle the blaze. Using twXplorer, Keepr, and Storify‘s built-in social media navigator, I found and curated a series of tweets, Vines, and YouTube videos to tell the story:

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Stephen is a junior in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, where he studies internet culture and interaction design. He is currently the online media editor at The Tech, overseeing its social media and interactive graphics departments. Previously, he was a Google Journalism Fellow at investigative news org ProPublica and an intern with the Youth and Media Lab at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

1 thought on “Stephen’s Curated Story: Mission Bay Fire (#sffire)

  1. You’ve put together an impressive collection of social media content around this story; it’s almost overwhelming. It makes me wonder the utility of Storify as a presentation format for this kind of story, as more and more information comes out about the story, you can’t simply add more and more content. There is needs to be a theme or something to tie things together and make me feel like I’ve consumed an whole thing. This is an open question right now around presentation in Circa and other newsapps that are going for both consumable whole as well as infinite scroll kind of article.

    Would love to hear more about how you used all the different collecting tools and thought about the different formats of content when constructing your story.

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