Leslie’s four-hour project: Meet the musicians on the Boston subway

For my project, I wanted to explore a new multimedia tool and see how quickly (or slowly!) I could create a simple presentation. I chose Meograph, which is free and online–and turned out to be nice and easy to use. The hardest part of the whole process was figuring out how to trim audio files in iTunes (the answer: use QuickTime instead). I spent just over two hours reporting, and about two hours editing, trimming, and learning Meograph. Here’s the result:

(Tip: If you don’t want to listen to the entire clip for each musician, click on the forward button in the lower left hand corner.)


1 thought on “Leslie’s four-hour project: Meet the musicians on the Boston subway

  1. Great job experimenting with new technology Leslie. I loved your reflections in class on what we miss by focusing too much on the media and neglecting the storytelling.

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