Marie’s bio

Hi everyone!

My name is Marie Patino, and I’m an undergrad at MIT, more specifically an exchange student from France where I study at Sciences Po. Originally I am a social sciences / political sciences major which involves a bunch of reading and criticizing but rarely building anything, at least not at the undergrad level.
Which is also why I am here, as I would really like to take advantage of the class to learn how to build things. After a semester at MIT, I now know how to open a terminal. Well, maybe a little bit more.

Random interests: long feature journalism, radio ( not even podcasts, more like the radio in general), sociology, photography, writing, Swedish thrillers, Wes Anderson movies, Benedict vs OttersNicolas Cage memes and the ncage extension.

Also, I am interested in just learning and discovering everything outside my field – and inside it that I don’t know yet. I am very excited to be in class with you all, can’t wait to get to know you better, and work together.

You can follow me here: @mariepastora. Sometimes my feed is in French because our Presidential elections are being incredibly messy at the moment. Which means that I share a lot of articles about the candidates and complain about how corrupted some of them are.

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Katrine’s Bio

don’t have any photos with lavender hair yet

Hello, you!  I’m Katrine, pronounced “Katrina” and spelled with an “e”.  Please, if you’re hesitant, just ask or pick one and go with it — you’re interesting and I want to get to know you.

Part 2 of our in-class tweet icebreaker:

  • tweet 1:  Katrine. Comp. Sci. M.Eng. student working with Ethan. Central Square resident. Born and raised Norwegian, increasingly American at heart.
  • tweet 2:  Why this class? Media matters. Raving reviews. Learning from all of you with totally different backgrounds from mine.
  • tweet 3:  Things that I like:  Code for good, slam poetry, rock climbing, behavioral econ., queer/feminist discussions, the music duo “Dresses”

If you’re interested in more of the ‘professional’ stuff, this website has something like that.

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Arthur’s Bio

Hi! My name is Arthur Sheyn, and I’m a 2nd year MBA student at MIT Sloan. To be quite honest, I was naively ignorant about the importance of the media for most of my life. Annnnndddd then this election happened. I distinctly remember that the moment I first read about whether or not Facebook should be held responsible for policing fake news was the moment I realized how important of a role the media plays in everyday society. (This John Oliver segment was also very eye opening.)

What started as the above nugget (or maybe epiphany) has now evolved into a full-blown curiosity and fascination for how news and media have evolved and must further evolve to serve an important purpose in society. This is why I am taking this class – to educate myself, and hopefully, explore some meaningful solutions for the future.

A bit about me:

  • I was born in Ukraine, and my family immigrated (as political refugees, a fact of my history that I have learned to appreciate so much more as of late) to the US in 1991
  • I grew up in San Francisco, which meant that for most of my life, I thought the diversity of my childhood was representative of the US (are you beginning to sense a theme of naiveté?)
  • Fun fact – I used to be a competitive ballroom dancer (check me out on youtube!). After I stopped competing to go to college, I took up coaching my university’s ballroom dancing team. That experience showed me just how meaningful and powerful communication can be.
  • I love action, adventure, nature, pretty much anything outside and remotely physical. One of my highlights of 2016 was going bungee jumping in New Zealand (twice!)
  • For my short professional career, I spent 3 years in management consulting and 2 years working for the digital innovation arm of a global retail company. I’ll spare you the details, since LinkedIn provides a pretty good summary!
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Aaron’s Bio

Aaron Rose is a senior at MIT majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Aaron grew up in suburban Chicago and Boca Raton, Florida. More than anything else, Aaron hates writing bios about himself, so he asked some people who knows him well for their thoughts.

“One of those good looking guys who is just a bit too short.” – Aaron’s younger, taller brother


“With coordination that resembles an infant trying to catch a ping pong ball, and the quickness of a sloth with its legs tied together, I am glad he is no longer pursuing a professional basketball career.”

– Aaron’s high school basketball captain

“Rooming with Aaron was almost indescribable. But if I had to describe it, it would be as the single worst experience of my life.”

– Aaron’s former roommate

“One thing Aaron has consistently done all semester is not follow the instructions on his assignments.”

– Aaron’s design professor

“Aaron is really in way over his head. He should have stuck to electrical engineering and had an easy senior spring.”

– Aaron’s brain sitting in the first class

Aaron has virtually no prior experience in journalism, but has long been a voracious consumer of the news. He’s incredibly excited to be in MAS.700. He just started his Twitter account again, you can find him @aaronrose87.

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Meet Fungai Tichawangana

Fungai TichawanganaMy story began in the late 1970s in Harare, Zimbabwe and it’s been endless chapters ever since. One of those chapters had a part that said in 2015 Fungai was awarded a Nieman Journalism Fellowship at Harvard University and a Nieman Berkman Fellowship for Journalism Innovation at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and thanks to that sentence I am here today.

But before that chapter, before that sentence, I was a young entrepreneur in Zimbabwe, wanting to use the web to do big things; build ‘online skyscrapers’, tell stories and explore new possibilities. With some friends, I started a web development business in the year 2000 and the plot got so thick that it led me to online journalism and down a very winding path to a place where the online publication I launched in 2008 started winning national awards.

In the foreword somewhere it talks about how I love stories and history and photography and Zimbabwe and tech and sadza served with covo in peanut butter sauce and road runner chicken (aka free range what what).

Ndini wenyu,

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Hello, My Name Is Sands Fish

Sands FishMy name is Sands Fish. I am currently a first year master’s student in the Media Arts and Sciences program at the MIT Media Lab. I work under Ethan Zuckerman in the MIT Center for Civic Media as a Research Assistant, primarily focused on the Media Cloud platform. I design data visualizations that reveal hidden patterns in the content and structure of the news at large scales. My current efforts are in detecting conversations and frames in issues discussed online, anywhere from main stream media to citizen blogs. This effort (initially called a “Network of Frames”) is a network visualization that represents media sources and the words they use most frequently. The network shows common usages of words between different media sources and the layout of the network highlights clusters of language, indicating at the very least themes emerging from overall coverage of the issue. Before arriving at the Media Lab, I worked as a fellow and researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and as a senior software engineer and data scientist at the MIT Libraries.

In my role as a designer and artist, I focus on using generative visuals, artificial intelligence, and hardware interfaces to expose beauty and intricacy in patterns from the natural and digital world. I am also one of the organizers of the Cambridge/Somerville based Tech Poetics community; a loose collection of new media and technology artists in the greater Boston area practicing or interested in the use of technology (loosely defined) in their artistic practice.

You can find me on Twitter at @sandsfish and my home on the web is

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Hello, My Name Is [Insert Name]


Hi World!

I’m Adrienne, a former news technology catalyst and current jack-of-all-trades at the Harvard Business School Digital Initiative. I also moonlight as a Research Affiliate at the Center for Civic Media. A designer by training, and a coder/hacker/maker by nature, I enjoy being a bridge for cross-disciplinary teams. I even worked in sales, once upon a time!

During my tenure at the Boston Globe, I began studying the development and evolution of online communities which continues at HBS and MIT. After being tasked with managing the dreaded comments section of a major media outlet, I became more interested in why certain online communities flourish and others wither. What causes people to treat others as words on a screen, rather than humans on the “other end of the line?”

In my spare time, you’ll likely find me on a mountain somewhere: rock climbing, snowboarding, or just hiking to a remote lake in the middle of a forest.

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Ashley’s Intro


Hi, I’m Ashley – and I’m guessing you’ve heard the old adage, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” I’ve taken that idea to heart, as have many across media, business, and government. We know that we remember what we see four times more than what we read, and process images 60,000 times faster than text. Yet we’re still figuring out how to best harness the true power of visual content (produced by professionals and citizens alike) – and strategically address all of the challenges that come with it.

This is particularly evident in today’s global context, where a photo, video, or infographic can deliver an unparalleled immediacy of (mis)understanding. That’s why I earned degrees in both foreign affairs and photography, and am currently a Master’s candidate studying international communications and business at The Fletcher School.

At the moment, I’m focused on initiatives like revitalizing one of Fletcher’s program and research centers to explore the newest trends in journalism, cyber, and public diplomacy. Immediately prior to graduate school, I worked in external affairs and project management for a DC-based NGO that serves as a center for global leadership development. And most importantly, I’m looking forward to learning from all of you!


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Portrait of Creative Technologist

Joy Buolamwini | Media Lab Graduate Student – Civic Media Group

@code4rights @jovialjoy

PHOTO+2013TN01126+Buolamwini (1)

My mission is to show compassion through computation and ensure all who aspire to be creators are provided pathways to become full participants in the creation of the future. To realize this mission, I founded Code4Rights to empower individuals to create meaningful technology for their communities. Code4Rights builds on my work in Zambia facilitating the development of the Asikana Network Women’s Rights App available to all Zambia Airtel subscribers.

I am an entrepreneur, Rhodes Scholar, a Fulbright Fellow, a Stamps Scholar,  a Google Anita Borg Scholar, Astronaut Scholar, and a Carter Center technical consultant recognized as a distinguished volunteer. At the Carter Center, I created an android-based mobile surveying solution that was initially deployed to survey nearly 40,000 people in Ethiopia to help eliminate blinding Trachoma for over 17 million people. The tools are now used in Nigeria, South Sudan, Mali, and Niger to combat other neglected tropical diseases. I adore athletics and am a former Varsity Blues pole vaulter for Oxford University where I earned a master’s degree in Learning and Technology. I currently serve as a Business, Entrepreneurship, and Fellowships Resident Tutor at Harvard University. Excited to see where this class takes us all.

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