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Hi, I’m Mika, a Tokyo-based TV producer of documentary and educational shows at NHK, a public broadcaster in Japan. This year, I am spending time at MIT Media Lab as a visiting scientist, working with the Civic Media group led by Professor Zuckerman. It is the first time I am living in the US, apart from a few years I was here when I was a child. What an exciting moment to be in the US right now, especially for the journalists! In 2005, I did a short interview with Donald Trump for a documentary show, and I could have never imagined that one day he would become the President of the United States.

I love interviewing people, which is a wonderful privilege you have when you work for a media company. From a 73 –year-old volcanologist studying an active volcano throughout his entire life to Robert De Niro whom I only had 5 minutes to ask questions, there is always a truth in people’s stories that fascinates me. I’m taking this class not only to learn about the latest technology but also to meet new talents and passionate storytellers.

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