Red Sox Opening Day with Vine

I put together a bunch of Vines shot by people who went to the Red Sox Opening Day on Monday. I found that there were things Vines were great for, and some Vines were really impossible for.

What Vine was great for:

  • Songs! People like singing at baseball games, and it’s great to actually hear and see people singing.
  • The flyover: People like fast planes. You can even enjoy Vines on the flyover without the sound turned on.
  • Watching the actual game: Again, another Vine you can watch and enjoy even without the sound.

What Vine was bad for:

  • Actually learning about what happened in the game: I didn’t see a single Vine that had the score in the caption. I had no clue what the final score was (although I knew the Red Sox had won).

Here’s a screenshot of how my Vineyard of Red Sox looked like (prototype running locally on my laptop — I’ll try to do a demo in class since screenshots of Vines is kind of sad…).

One thought on “Red Sox Opening Day with Vine

  1. charges for condensed videos of games, where you only have to watch the pitches that result in hits, outs, etc. I think you have a potential business here in reducing the entire game to one Vine.

    From what I saw in your class demo, the fan Vines actually do a really nice job of portraying what it’s like to attend a game at Fenway. From the stands vendors to the program hawker to fans drinking beer and bringing traffic to a halt, this is a pretty authentic overview of a day at the park.

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